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Nov 16 at 07:25 PM

Fiori language with multiple backend systems (ERP, HCM, ...) with different installed languages


  • Dear all,

this has been asked to some extend multiple time but AFAIK not being answered thoroughly, so here we go:

  • We have a Fiori Launchpad based on FES 6.0
  • We offer ERP and HCM applications
  • In ERP we have say Languages EN, DE, FR, PL
  • In HCM we have EN, DE, FR
  • In FES we have EN, DE, FR, PL, ZH, ...

Now if a user with a Polish browser language the following happens

  • Launchpad is in Polish (thats fine)
  • ERP apps are in Polish and function without problems (thats fine)
  • HCM apps are in error (/IWFND/CM_BEC/029 RFC Logon Language is not installed)

I now about note and extension spot /IWFND/ES_MGW_DEST_FINDER however, while that would help get rid of the error, it does not solve the issue. There is then a mixup between the apps baked in labels (being shown in PL) and texts fetched from the backend (then being fetched for example in EN).

Ideally I would love to see the following happen

  • The app somehow knows about the backend available languages (in HCM EN, DE, FR). Ideally automatically (I mean c'mon it is a complete SAP software stack from SAPUI via FES to HCM backend) but if not possible I can specify the supported languages per app
  • The app knows the user's language and the available backend languages. If all matches, fine, if not it uses a fallback language available in the backend system throughout the whole app including I18n labels / text from the UI5 layer, not just the backend data. In my example PL is not available in HCM, so fallback will be EN
  • Ideally I would not like to "fix" the user's language through means of "global to the launchpad" parameters like URL parameter sap-language=EN because for that Polish user it would force him to open ERP apps in EN even if ERP will support PL

Now I could not get to the desired state. Is my desired state possible to achieve? If so how?

Many thanks and kind regards


BTW: Installing all languges in all backend systems is not feasible to to limited resources / manpower