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Nov 23, 2021 at 12:36 PM

How to bind a non-oData destination in SAP BAS for local development?



I have the following problem:

I cannot reach a non-oData destination from the sapui5 app developed in SAP BAS.

The requests are not routed to the destination in SAP BAS, but they are routed when the app is deployed in SAP BTP.

I have defined the following non-OData destination in BTP:


When I deploy the app to SAP BTP, the AJAX requests to this destination are correctly routed and data is retrieved.

But they are not routed in the SAP BAS when I want to test the app during development.

I tried to bind this destination using Run Configuration:


I can select this destination using Run Configuration option, then Connect to SAP system...


but when I pick the WeatherAPI, and run the application:


the requests are not routed to the destination. The same app works correctly when deployed in BTP.


How should I correctly bind the destination in SAP BAS?

With best regards,

Krzysztof Bulanowski