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Nov 16 at 04:52 PM

SAC comments input when working with input tasks

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Hello all.

I'm building a workflow for my customer and he is interested in the comments feature.

My issue is when I try to input a "data point comment" while I'm in an input story that I have accessed through a task I've been assigned, the feature is disactivated. (The "Add data point comment" from the right click menu is greyed, and when I hoover the mouse I get "Comments are not supported on input forms").


The right click / datapoint comment works fine outside of an input task (if I simply access the story, through the folder where it's stored.

(inputting the figure works fine in the input task)

If I go on with the process (as to say validating the task, approve it, publish the private version) then I can comment. But this is useless since the input is validated.

Commenting should be available at the same step of the figure input ... after validation I don't see an added value.

Could it be "by design" ?

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance.

Guillaume P.


comment-error.png (99.5 kB)