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Nov 16 at 11:59 PM

Enter an isolated eschema from WEBIDE


Kind regards community, I just had a problem with an exercise.

In WEBIDE the container schema is called SCP_DEV_HDI_DB_SCP_1 and some objects were created and everything compiled fine, then inside the container a subfolder was created with other objects such as procedure, virtual table, calculated views but when compiling note that the container schema changes to SCP_DEV_HDI_DB_SCP_2 , The objects were created and deployed well but when I try to modify an object that I created at the beginning which is in the SCP_DEV_HDI_DB_SCP_1 schema I get an error since it cannot find any file.

Attached image of the error when displaying and image of the vt that I am using.



My question is: is there any way to reconfigure the WEBIDE development area so that when I compile an object it is in the schema of the SCP_DEV_HDI_DB_SCP_1 container and it executes well what I require? or what options are there to be able to build the object without this error

very kind for your time.



container2.jpg (149.0 kB)
vt.jpg (13.4 kB)