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Nov 22, 2021 at 03:32 PM

Dicrepancy handling between Basic TM & EWM ASR integration



I try to set up quantity discrepancy update from EWM to TM, both basic embedded in shipper outbound scenario Integrated by Advanced shipping and receiving (ASR).

my problem is that I loose information about originally order qty in TM.


Outbound delivery created for two palletes of material -> FU for 2pal created and planned in FO in TM -> delivery order for 2pal created in EWM -> 1pal picked only and GI posted in EWM -> FU and FO reduced to 1 pal on planned qty according to the picking, actual QTY fields keeps empty.

Is there any chance to keep originally ordered quantities and obtain the information about real quantities in the same time?

I set up discrepancy profile, but without an effect. SAP help talks just about transit warehouse scenario, nothing about discrepancies display in shipper scenario.

Thank you for any advice