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Nov 16, 2021 at 12:43 PM

CI-DS vs CI - MasterData Import

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Hello Experts,

Hope you all are doing great :)

In mid of so many SAP rebranding and innovations I felt to play around with the performance when it comes to On-prem to Cloud connectivity.

"The agenda is to find the best technology among CI and CI-DS respecting their full potential and current possibilities for IBP relevant scenarios."

To be precise as part of my use case I had been trying to compare the Integration performance for CI vs CI-DS reading from Oracle 12c on-premise DB within enterprise network fetching ~76000 rows/records

  • In CI I use select sql query via JDBC receiver and then push it to IBP via OData v2 api



  • In CI-DS using native simple dataflow using oracle and IBP datastore


However as I notice there is considerable (almost double) advantage CI-DS (58-90secs including IBP postprocessing) have over CI (2min 15sec in bulk and 1min 30-45secs in split excluding IBP postprocessing).

I agree the possible reasons can be

  • CI-DS Agent's positioning on-premise
  • Oracle installed in the same system as DS Agent

Are there any other explanations or suggestions for performance improvement with JDBC polling/ receiver streaming/OData?

However I am currently trying to test it differently to gain better performance results from CI. Feel free to share your thoughts or suggestions.


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