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How to manage conditional step based approval flow in C4C?


One of our customers has an interesting process to approve an Opportunity.

Once an opportunity is created, it goes through a chain of condition based, sequential approval process.

For example, after creation of opportunity:

Step 1. If Expected value >= $100,000, Approval needed by Mr. XRT

Step 2. If Step 1 approved and (expected value >=$150,000 or, field1 = value1), Approval needed by Mr ABC and also, by Mrs DFG (unanimous approval)

Step 3. If Step 1 & 2 approved and (expected value >=$150,000 or, field1 = value1, field2 = value2), Approval needed by Mr ZEE or, by Mrs DFG (unanimous approval)

Step 4...

Step 5...

Final approval by general manager.

Now, my understanding of C4C says:

- Default C4C approval process will not fit here because its more of a approval from multi people but, in same step.

For example, C4C multi step approval will help when you need to setup approval from 3 people vs 5 people (based on some logic).

But, It can't go through a sequence of steps for approval as shown above.

- Closest I can get is with custom workflow rules (emails or notifications) + extension fields to capture approval data. SDK development in not an option.

Are there any better ideas around, since this results in too many workflows?

Thanks in advance!


Harsh Vardhan Shrotriya

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