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Nov 12 at 05:12 PM

Scope and challenges of SAP ecatt scripts built on ECC6 migration to S4HANA


Hi experts please provide your suggestions to the following questions here.

1. We have SAP eCATT scripts build in ECC6 latest version in our SAP platform and planning to migrate on to SAP S4HANA soon. Is eCATT tool on S4HANA is compatible with those scripts build on ECC6? Since S4HANA is based on HANA database which is totally different and front end for S4HANA is Fiori then what challenges we are going to encounter? is it worth to try migrate or redo from scratch on S4HANA?

2. In case if we migrate SAP ECC 6 only to HANA database with GUI as frontend then how scripts build on ECC6 can be compatible on HANA database?