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Nov 12, 2021 at 01:52 PM

Analytical List Page and Aggregated CAP View crashes with Out-Of-Memory in Browser

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Dear Experts,

we are currently facing an Issue with Anylical List Page and CAP Aggregation View.

We are consuming the aggregated data within the Analyical List Page in Visual Filters, Chart and Table. The Visual Filter and Table are working. But in some cases the Chart crashes with an out of memory message in the Browser:


We have already investigated but until now I can't find the reason why the chart is crashing. We have already copied the aggregated data to a local test. The test succeded in the local environment:


The CDS View is build as described here:

// Costs Analytics View
@readonly : true
@Aggregation.ApplySupported.PropertyRestrictions : true
define view CostsAnalytics as select from db.XXXCosts {
key ID,
@Analytics.Dimension : true
@Analytics.Dimension : true
@title: '{i18n>NetCost}'<br>@Analytics.Measure : true
@Aggregation.default : #SUM round( netCost, 2 ) as netCost : Decimal(15, 2),
@title: '{i18n>TaxCost}'
@Analytics.Measure : true
@Aggregation.default : #SUM round( taxCost, 2 ) as taxCost : Decimal(15, 2),
@title: '{i18n>GrossCost}'
@Analytics.Measure : true
@Aggregation.default : #SUM round( grossCost, 2 ) as grossCost : Decimal(15, 2)

The only difference is that the CAP Aggregation View is sending an inline count containing all entries from the database:


The count does not reflect the entries resulting from the select parameter. For Example: an select on Field costYearMonth and netCosts with a Filter set to Year 2021 is returning 12 Entries with aggregated Costs per Month in 2021, but contains an inline Count of all Entries in 2021 (49.802.503 Entries).

This is also reflected in the fixed Value List of all Visual Filters where Paging is tried for approx 60 Bil entries even the whole aggregated list does only contain 47 entries!


We are using the v2 proxy for the CAP View due to the fact that our UI5 Version dies not support v4 yet.

Hope anyone can help me on that issue.

BR & Thanks for any hint