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Nov 14, 2021 at 11:08 PM

PR Flexible Workflows Skip Step BADI


Hi All,

I have a requirement in PR Flexible workflows where i have to dynamically skip the step when user was not found in the customized table in agent determination badi. When i configured the workflow i used fixed number of steps and configured each step as optional as my requirement initially was that there would be fixed number of approvers. But now my requirement changed such that there could be lesser number of approver than steps. So inside the agent determination BADI, i am assigning last approver in the last step (for instance if there are only 4 approvers and 6 steps, i am assigning 4th approver to 6th step and not giving any approver to 4th and 5th steps). When we create PR then after all approvals, the workflow step is stopping at 4th step as Completed as there is no agent found. I was expecting it should skip the step, but not luck.

Also i searched several blogs in SAP but could not find any BADI with respect skipping the steps. Any one worked with such sort of requirement, could you plz respond this my query - It would be very helpful, would reward