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Nov 11, 2021 at 10:41 PM

Model and story SAC do not show data after making changes in hana calculation view

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Hi Guys,

I have a story in sac whose model is a model created from a live connection to a hana database, and the view that my story consumes is a cube-type graphical calculated view. This view in turn is created from other calculated views. I have made a modification in one of the calculated views that had a join of type inner join and I have changed it to left join. After this change The calculated view in HANA shows data correctly, but nevertheless the story in SAC after making this change, does not show me data in the graphs. After several tests, I have managed to see that the problem is in the SAC data model, it is as if it had been corrupted, since I have created another model in SAC, a copy of the original, and this one does show data in my story, But I would have to do all the graphics again. What could have happened? How can I restore the model so that my story works and I don't have to do the graphics again?