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Nov 08 at 06:03 PM

HANA Platform Use Rights - Import Non-SAP data to HANA DB standalone and HANA DB of an S/4 system


Hello SAP folks who understand about licensing.

This is not a technical question about how to import or export data from or to SAP systems. It's only about software licensing and use rights.

Short question:

- Is a customer allowed to import non-SAP data into HANA DB to consolidate data for data analytics reasons? If yes, under which circumstances? Is this applicable to S/4HANA? If not, what would be the official recommendations?

Long question

Let's assume company ABC wants to take advantage of the HANA platform capabilities to use it as a central system to perform data analytics of SAP and non-SAP data.

Customer ABC currently uses ECC, CRM and maybe some SAP Cloud solutions as Ariba and some non-SAP systems for different departments and scenarios. Customer ABC decides to import data from all those SAP and non-SAP systems to a "standalone" HANA Platform. The objective is to generate reports in any BI Client like PowerBI or SAC consuming consolidated data from this standalone HANA DB. For example, by using calculation views.

Question 1) Is customer ABC allowed to do that? If yes, which license/contract for this standalone system allows this read-only scenario?

Now let's assume customer ABC already has the license/contract (which I don't know the name and conditions) which allows it to import data from different SAP and non-SAP systems to a standalone db. Customer ABC is planning to migrate to S/4HANA in the future. As the S/4HANA implementation will consolidate some of the existing SAP systems to a single one, customer ABC wants to know if it's allowed to import all data from non-SAP systems into the same HANA database instance used by S/4HANA. Then, a standalone HANA database would not be needed and not only calculation views could be used but also (maybe) S/4HANA specific features like embedded analytics and ABAP RESTfull, etc.

Question 2) Is customer ABC allowed to do that into the same HANA db instance used by S/4? If yes, which license/contract would be needed for that?

Now let's assume the licenses/contracts referred above (which I don't know the name and conditions) do not exist or are not eligible for customer ABC.

I assume one option would be HANA Cloud on BTP.

Question 3) Is customer ABC allowed to do that into HANA Cloud? If yes, which license/contract of the SAP on-premise systems would be needed for that? Is there any other SAP solution targeting this scenario?

What options are left on the table?

Question 4) What if customer ABC does not want to use HANA Cloud but any other non SAP solution? Which license/contract of the SAP on-premise systems would be needed for that? Please notice this would require exporting SAP data to non-SAP systems.

Thanks in advance,