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Nov 05, 2021 at 11:03 AM

Straight Line Mid Month Depreciation having issue in S4 HANA cloud


Hi Experts,

Our client using S4 Hana Cloud, and in process of implementing Asset Accounting. Our Client follows US GAAP and need to post Straight Line Mid Month Depreciation. SAP also provides deprecation key SUL6 for straight line mid month with period control 03.

We need to use Depreciation Key SUL6 for depreciation method Straight Line Mid-Month for Depreciation area 34, Ledger 3L. And Using Depreciation key SUL6, system should calculate depreciation for half of the month in the acquisition period.

Example: if Assets of Value 120,000 acquired in period 01 (01/01/2021) with asset life 10 year, then 1st month deprecation should be 500.

Per Month depreciation=120000/10Year*12 Period=1000

Mid-Month (15 days depreciation) = 1000/2= 500.

But while posting depreciation on assets it does not consider half month depreciation.

Could you please help on this to fulfil the client requirement.