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Nov 04, 2021 at 09:26 PM

Access resources in MTA project

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Hello guys,

So I have an MTA project which has ui5 module.

In UI5 module I'm doing an app which leads to a lot of "smaller" functionalities. (something like shine-web in XSA Shine project presented by SAP).

So from general point of view structure of this module looks like following:


and its simply accessible by hanaserver:port/data_matching/index.html or hanaserver:port/user_mapping/index.html

The problem I'm facing is /library.

This folder contains /controls which I would like to reuse in other "apps" but I'm simply not able to define them in the sap.ui.define module.

If being in "data_matching" I do "../../library/controls/Control1" then the link i see in Network calls is fes/resources/Control1.js which generally meaning it is trying to download it from the place it's downloading sap/m, sap/ui/core etc controls.

Could anyone please help me/ give any clues how can I resolve this problem?

It is equivalent to:


If in sales-ui I would like to access control created in admin-ui (if there would be any) in shine-xsa.

Thanks in advance!