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Nov 02, 2021 at 08:06 PM

secLDAP - - No problem importing users/groups, but logins fail with weird error?


I have my secLDAP configured against my LDAP server so that when I update the settings (or on a 15 minute schedule), the system is able to properly import all my users and groups as it normally would.

However, when I try to login to BI as one of my LDAP users, I get "Security plugin error: An error has occurred in the plugin, but the plugin is unable to return a detailed error message". When I look in my system logs, I see a proper LDAP query but then see these messages:

* LDAP: LdapGetName: Failed to get the name of user 'uid=(proper DN of the user I logged in as)'
* SecLdap Error: an error occured in LdapGetName().

The query base and attributes queried for are proper. I used my LDAP browser and confirmed the properties I mapped are present.

SAP support has been chewing on this issue for a month. Anyone have a direction I could look in? Another log?