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Oct 28, 2021 at 12:13 PM

process block profile with posting change


Hi Experts,

I did not find the answer for that, therefor the question.

We are using process block profile (AL - Forbid All Processes) in a product. In the SAP-F1-Help it is mentioned, that warehouse tasks creation and confirmation ist blocked with an error message for that product. Tests with /SCWM/ADHU are positiv, no WT is created. But nevertheless warehouse tasks were created and confirmed via transaction /SCWM/POST (posting change from product A for an amount to product B).

We've implemented OSS "2592833 - Process Block Profile is not handled correctly during warehouse task confirmation", but nothing changed. We think about implmenting "2964299 - Process Block Profile does not influence the warehouse process", but are not sure if the process block profile should work for posting change warehouse tasks.

Could you please help us, if you have an idea.

Thanks and best regards,