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Feb 21, 2017 at 09:13 AM

Issue with material master screen sequence upon manual section screen in MM01, MM02, MM03


Hi Experts,

I'm facing an issue with material master.

  • in MM01 / MM02 / MM03 I'm choosing all the user views and when maintaining or displaying data in user views the navigation of the material view are fine.
  • but if I try to navigate the material master views by using mouse pointer or views navigator I'm not able to view the desired screen which I want to view system is navigating to the next view of the material master if you see the below screen shot(Pic 1.png) I was actually trying to navigate purchasing view and system bringing the foreign trade view which I've not at all selected in the material master views selection and even the View navigator(Pic 2.png) also behaving the same way and I can only goto next screen previous screen selection is not at all possible.
  • and I've even checked the IMG config OMT3R " Maintain Order of Main and Additional Screens" but everything seems normal(Pic 3.png).

Kindly advise on this issue.


pic-1.png (30.4 kB)
pic-2.png (64.0 kB)
pic-3.png (31.8 kB)