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Nov 02, 2021 at 07:00 AM

How to achieve 1:N replication with SAP SLT?


Hi Everyone,

In our system we need to set up 1:N replication through SLT from our S4/HANA to another HANA database.

There is only one source S4/HANA system (S), but 2 target HANA databases (A and B). And in these target systems, we want the tables reside in schemas with same name: schema S4_PCDW in A and S4_PCDW in B.

Do we need to have two SLT installation to replicate to the two targets separately?

Or shall we achieve this 1:N replication with a single SLT? If one SLT is enough, could the target schemas have the same name?

And do we need to have two RFC set up on the source S4/HANA system?

Please share your opinions, many thanks in advance.