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May 10, 2006 at 10:54 AM

Can compression cause data lost?


Has anyone lost data when the compression of an InfoCube could not finish?

In SAP Note 407260 (FAQs: Compression of InfoCubes ) I read:

<i>When the compression is stopped, will we have lost any data from the cube?

The data should never become inconsistent by running a compression. Even if you stop the process manually a consistent state should be reaches. But it depends on the phase in which the compression was when it was canceled whether the requests (or at least some of them) are compressed or whether the changes are rolled back.</i>

So it seems that an unsuccesful compression can't cause any data lost.

The fact is that many documents are missing from our Material Movements InfoCube. We can't figure out the reason for this. The INIT loading was correctly performed. So the only reason would seem the stopping of the compression job we experienced because of a system error..

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated,

Cheers, Davide