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Oct 28, 2021 at 06:10 AM

SAC Optimized view mode - load invisible widgets in background?


Hi Folks,

I've got a question about the new optimized view mode for stories.

Is there somewhere a setting that would load all not visible widgets in the background while the user looks at the widgets in the view port?

I understand the concept that the initial load of the story should be as fast as possible by loading only the visible widgets but I don't understand why the story navigation performance is disregarded / not improved by loading all other widgets in the background after initial load.

As enduser I am not impressed that the story is loaded xy secs faster only to wait xy secs when switching pages in the story ...

From my perspective the optimized view mode should give always priority to widgets in view port (initial load, filter driven data change load etc.) but load all other stuff still in background to allow seamless navigation in a story.

But maybe I have just overlooked a setting ...

Best regards,