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Oct 27 at 07:33 PM

SAP Conversational AI: two custom entities with same values for organisational units

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I am working on a bot that should create a purchase requisition.

For this I need among other things the plant and the purchasing organization.

I have declared both entities as free entities.

When I start a chat with a sentence: "I want to create a purchase requisition for plant 1012, purchasing organization 1012" the entities #plant is recognized as 1012 and #purchasing organization as 1012.

If the information about the organizational units is missing, the bot should ask for these.

1st question: "For which plant do you want to order"?

1st user answer: "1012".

#plant = 1012

2nd question: "For which purchasing organization do you want to order"?

2nd user answer: "1012".

--> here the value 1012 is recognized as #plant, although the question refers to the purchasing organization.

Even if you set the entities as regex or restricted, this does not change the behavior of the bot.

Is there any solution for this?

The only option so far was to output the whole list of plants and purchasing organizations as a list, so that the user confirms the entity with his selection. But with a large number of units, I find this rather annoying.

I would be very grateful for an alternative solution.

Best regards,