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Oct 27, 2021 at 02:14 PM

SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android - How to get a response for RequestBatch()


Hello All,

How to get response object from RequestBatch() call or each changeset added to RequestBatch.

I see we can access the status of the request by accessing RequestBatch.Status but in my case I need response object returned by RequestBatch

public void processBatchAsync(@NonNull @NotNull final RequestBatch batch, @NonNull @NotNull Action0 successHandler, @NonNull @NotNull Action1<RuntimeException> failureHandler, @NonNull @NotNull final HttpHeaders headers, @NonNull @NotNull final RequestOptions options) {
this.asyncAction(new Action0() {
public void call() {
DataService.this.processBatch(batch, headers, options);
}, successHandler, failureHandler, options);