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Nov 02, 2021 at 07:23 AM

How to activate EPM addin and FPMXLClient


Following Vadim Kalinin's guide (Log on to BPC/EPM using Excel VBA) I was able to create the below VBA that successfully logs on and refreshes my workbook. Note, for privacy I reverted some of the VBA back to the base version I learned from the above linked post.

Dim epm As New FPMXLClient.EPMAddInAutomation
Public Sub SignOn_Refreshworkbook()
strConn = "_FPM_BPCNW10_"_FPM_BPCMS10_[http://" & strServer & "]_[" & strEnvironment & _ "]_[" & strModel & "]"
epm.Connect strConn, "Username", "Password"
End Sub
My issue is that the machine I run this on does not always activate EPM/FPMXLClient. I attempted to follow the solution found here but I do not understand how to add this to the above code.