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Nov 01, 2021 at 10:52 AM

Push Notification to Middleware APIGW


Hi All,

My requirementnt is to send Notification of ODATA services to Middleware from SAP using websocket so that as soon as the middleware receives notification they will make a call to SAP system to get latest data.

we have explored push notifications using SMP and configured all the steps. Our Middleware is able to receive the papyload. But they want to use Websocket technology so bidirectional connectivity will be established and as soon as the notification is received by middleware they can get the required data from backend .

I am unable to understand few points in the SMP set up. Its mentioned that Notifications are based on Push technology.

There are 2 classes identified as Push channels . Whats the purpose of these 2 classed

1./IWNGW/CL_OUT_NF_WS_AGENT - Able to find this tagged to Push Channel /IWNGW/NOTIFICATION_PUSH_APC

2./IWNGW/CL_OUT_NOTIF_SMP - Unable to find any Push channel linked to this class.

Do we need to share the push channel URL along with SAP system Host & Port to our Middleware so they will configure the URL to receive the notification ? If yes , how do they call our ODATA to get the required payload.



I am able to send the notification to Middleware using demoprogram which generated below URL .Does our Middleware team need to configure this URL?

Is this data passed thru this URL via websocket.


Thanks & Regards