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Oct 28 at 06:29 AM

Advanced Production Integration


Hi Experts

Advanced Production integration works well when you have to stage one material in one bin. But if the same material is to be staged in multiple bins of the same PSA for different Production lines , it doesn't allow to maintain PSA assignment to bin. We have single PSA for 5 Production lines . e.g. you have PSA - PSA-Y001 /1710 . single PSA for 5 production lines

from the same PSA you are catering to multiple Production Lines ....

There are multiple bins for single order staging e.g.

061.PSA.001.1 ...... for Production Line 1 --> stage Product EWMS4-502 --> Prodn Order - 00001 061.PSA.011.1 ...... for Production Line 2 --> stage Product EWMS4-502 --> Prodn Order - 00002 061.PSA.021.1 ....... for Production Line 3--> stage Product EWMS4-502 --> Prodn Order - 00003

is it possible that we can stage same product in multiple bins for different Production Lines ?

Any suggestions please ?


Vinod Sedani