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Oct 27, 2021 at 08:51 PM

Product Cannibalization in IBP



I want to model Product Cannibalization functionality using attribute transformation and following below steps.

1) Create New attribute - "CANBPRD"

2) Create Reference MDT - "CANBPRDID" (from PRDID) and assign above attribute

3) Create Compound MDT - "CANBPRDID" + "PRODUCT" and maintain Parent (PRDID) -Child (CANBPRD) planning object as below

PRD-A (Parent) <- PRD-B (Child)

PRD-A (Parent) <- PRD-C (Child)

4) I have Actuals Qty for PRDID at WKPRODLOCCUST level for PRD-A (Parent SKU) and also for Child Promo SKUs PRD-B & PRD-C, Now I want to club Actuals of PRD-B + PRD-C to PRD-A

5) Create New PL : WKPRODLOCCUST1 for transformation with compound master data assigned (3rd point, also to be assigned for WKPRODLOCCUST level) , and writing attribute transformation as (PRDID = CANBPRD)

Is this approach is correct, Am i missing anything in my design ?

Thanks in advance.