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Oct 27 at 05:02 PM

HR HCM Extraction to BW: PersonaId to Costcenter mapping in the Org Hierarchie

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Hi ,

a costcenter query needs to run on base of the HR HCM Organisation Hierarchie.

Requirement for the query / data model
The costcenter analysis (based on ACDOCA) is an analysis where a manger can analyse form his specific HR Organisational Hierachielevel all costcenter which he is in command off / which are bellow him.
All costcenter responsibilses (and the assigned costcenters ) bellow his level are thaught to be in "his" scope of analysis.

Compare Transaction PPOME - Change Organization and Staffing a.o.

( Further more, the manager can be responsible for more costcente in other places of the hierarchie - I guess this can be cached with CSKS )


Is there and which "List" / Extractor / Table / Datasource is possible which gives the assingment of costcenters to personalids (of a/any HR Organisational Hierarchie Level) ?

-0ORGUNIT_HR01_HIER - is not filled,

-0HR_PA_2 and -0HR_PA_2 - does not contain costcenter

-Table CSKS gives SAP Username SY-name to costcenter - will not help here, good for a Authorization User Exit Var

-Table PA015 gives PersonalId to SAP Username - will not help here, good for a Authorization User Exit Var

Advice is welcome & awarded !
Thank You