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Oct 27, 2021 at 03:54 PM

Asset Manager initial data Sync


Hi, We have an issue to solve at the initial Sync, the asset manager app it use for Utilities business in this project, that meant that we have a huge data master (FLO, equipment, materials, etc) for initial sync (more than 500.000 data master), and our structure from PM it's for a one plant, where everything it's located, and the technicians every day have a different places to go.

For some business process, this company need to execute the plan orders and need to create from Asset Manager some orders or made changes, like looking for a device (equipment), installation object (Functional Location) and execute the installation, substitution or remove the devices, if we restrict the data master to Sync for example 30.000 equipments, we improve the Sync times, but have loses when try to find for example an equipment with a number range out of the first 30.000 equipments.

This is an application to not work for demand, how can be posible to manage a huge master data to sync?