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Oct 26, 2021 at 11:00 AM

Partner Determination and product proposal does not function correctly


When using VA01 and entering a customer with a product proposal, SAP has a difficult time with the partner determination. It ask you to choose the partner every time you try and make a change to a line item.

Product proposal functionality and partner determination are not working correctly.

You can use the following example.

Enter VA01

Enter OR as the order type

Sold to 2751

Ship to 27519

Plant WOIL

Purchase order TEST1

Choose WO01 when pop up box is displayed

Press enter on date warning message

Enter 1000 on material A310033 and press enter

The partner determination box is now displayed. This should not be popping up as the partners have already been determined. This does not happen in the QA system.

Highlight partner 27519 and click the green check mark.

Click WO01 when the pop up box is displayed.

Click off the product proposal.

The partner determination is once again displayed. This should not keep popping up.

Once you click through all the message, it comes to the item screen and the original product picked is not on this screen. It should.

Big problem with product proposals.

Please suggest me what would be the route cause of this issue?

Thanks in advance.