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Oct 26 at 02:38 PM

FE Mockserver filtering on an extended property


Hello, colleagues,

Currently trying to write some OPA tests using the @sap/ux-ui5-fe-mockserver-middleware - npm ( mock server. However, one of my filters is set up to filter by an expanded entity and filtering does not work.

What I mean is that I have two entities in my Odata Service.

An example of the entities would be a Student and a School. Where a Student has reference to which school it goes to.

The request I try to execute is something like this:

GET SertviceURL/Student?$select=<someSudentFields...>&$filter=school/name eq 'Some school Name'.

I essentially try to find all the students that go to a given school, and the response I get is with all Students without any of them being filtered out.

Thank you for you help in advance:

Georgi Valchanov