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Oct 26 at 11:48 AM

Monthly Receiving Data (in and out) with vendor name


HI Guys,

How are you ?

Guys i need help, i want to fetch over all in out receiving data as of whole month.

This is query

SELECT T0."BASE_REF",T0."DocDate",T0."ItemCode",T0."Dscription",T0."InQty"as"INQuantity" T0."OutQty" as "OutQuantity", T0."Warehouse", T1."InvntryUom" FROM OINM T0 Left JOIN OITM T1 ON T0."ItemCode" = T1."ItemCode"
WHERE T0."DocDate" BETWEEN '01.08.2021' and '31.08.2021' and T0."Warehouse" = 'W-MS-REC'

i want to add vendor code and vendor name so i can easily identify which item we purchase from which vendor.

kindly give me solution ASAP.