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Oct 26, 2021 at 10:41 AM

SAP PO - import ODATA metadata without Eclipse ?


We have several ODATA interfaces and we're currently using the SAP propagated way of generating the XSD from the EMDX using the "special" version of Eclipse and the addons. Getting eclipse to work with the addons involved a lot of time as the documentation leaves quite some room for interpretation and some research is needed.


1. is there a better way to generate the XSD which is to imported into ESR using other tools such as Postman or any other easy to handle tool ? Perhaps one I could feed the metadata URL and it spits out the XSD directly ?

2. is anyone aware of ongoing work at SAP to mak our lives a little bit easier in this regard ? Perhaps allow direct URL import into ESR?

And no - moving to CPI is not an option at this time.

Thanks for your ideas