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Oct 22, 2021 at 03:39 PM

Error to display the panels from the mobile application.


Hi Everyone,

I have a problem when trying to show the panels of the SAP analytical functions, when I select any panel, it shows me the login screen of the SLD, I put my credentials from the SAP schema and it shows the following error:

status":"-1","message":"AUTHEN_FAILED"}{"status":"-5","message":"UNKNOW (images attached)

I already verified the following:

- Manager password: OK

- Licenses assigned to the manager: B1i, SDK Tools, Workflow, Sap addons, Professional.

- Analytical functions started in the SBODEMOAR schema from: https: // hana: 40000 / Enablement / #

- External access URL mapped in the control center (external mapping)

- Correct connection of the integration framework with the SAP schema in SLD -> B1i Server -> SBODEMOAR -> B1DI and JDBC

- Verify that the data was correct in SLD -> B1i Server -> B1A Server -> HTTA comparing with other environments that if the panels work. (image attached)

Please i need help.

Thanks. Regards