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Oct 22 at 03:57 AM

SAP SAC Question : How to derive Average Growth Rate.

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Hope someone can help me out with SAC...

How to derive Average Growth Rate for current year all 12 periods from Previous period of the last Year in SAP SAC.

I've biz case where Inflation Rate is required enter at few GL account Group/Node level previous period of the last year and its required initialize it for current year all periods at average. Example : Rebate is one of the GL Node. i created as separate dimension and maintained as leaf member called Rebate. And created another member called Rebate Average in GL Account dimension. Inflation Rate has enter as 4 and i wanted to populate average inflation rate for every single periods from FY22.

I am not sure is this right design or not. i would appreciate if you could suggest is there any other way to solve it. i am trying to get through via data actions but its not working as expecting. can you help me with script.

<em>//MEMBERSET [d/Date] = [d/Version].[p/SDATE] TO [d/Version].[p/EDATE]<br></em><em>MEMBERSET [d/Date] = "202201" TO "202212" <br></em><em>MEMBERSET [d/Measures] = ("InflationRate","Rate")</em><em><br></em><em>DELETE()<br></em><em>DATA([d/Account] = "REBATES FRINGE INCOME1_AVG", [d/CLS_FSITEM] = "#") <br></em><em>= RESULTLOOKUP([d/Date] ="202201" , [d/CLS_FSITEM] = "REBATES_FRINGE_INCOME", [d/Version] = "public.Rate_V1", [d/Account] = "#",[d/Measures]="InflationRate") / 12</em>



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