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Oct 27 at 01:29 PM

Conditional Statement to determine the CDS to be executed



We have a Fiori tile based on an underlying custom CDS view say 'A'.

Now this CDS view 'A' is built on another custom CDS view 'B' which is again built on left outer join of 2 other custom CDS views namely 'B1' & 'B2'. Now my requirement is that I need to build a new custom CDS view 'B3' with certain logic parallel to the CDS Views 'B1' & 'B2'. Based on the selection of a Comp Code by the user in the Fiori App Selection screen, either the newly created CDS View B3 should be executed or else the existing CDS views B1 & B2 should be executed. How can we achieve this without breaking the existing CDS views functionalities.

Any help would be highly appreciated as I am very new to CDS views developments.