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Exact email addresses in C4C Emails

Feb 21, 2017 at 08:25 AM


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Hi pros,

How can I record the exact email address the email was sent from and to in C4C emails?

Business case description:

0. There is a ClientA with two email addresses:

- (main)


1. ClientA sends an email to Customer Support channel in C4C from

2. In C4C new EmailBO1 and new CaseBO1 are created.

3. Opening an EmailBO1 reveals that there is only a connection between Email BO and Customer BO. So there is only main email address mentioned

In other words:

- C4C does not record the exact email address the email was recieved or sent from

- current UI creates an illusion that all emails from the customer are sent from his main email address which is an error.

We tried to look into recording the exact email addresses, but we can't seem to enhance email BO and its nodes in such a way.

Best regards,

Nadezhda Rukavishnikova

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1 Answer

Horst Schaude
Feb 21, 2017 at 12:03 PM

Hello Nadezhda,

If one sends an e-mail to ...(at) and the receiver sees ...(at) as sender I assume that there is a message forwarding in the Outlook account (also called bouncing).

Only if Outlook is not bouncing the e-mail you will see the original senders address.


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Hi @horst.schaude,

The email is sent from to customer support outfacing email address which in turn sends it to C4C b2c system email.

So is not included in this loop in any way, but still shows up on Email TI.

I can bring a real example here:

0. There is a customer with two emails:

1. Customer sends an email customer support outfacing email channel

2. An email in C4C looks like with only the main customer email which is not the one originally used

There is no way to use C4C b2c system email without any outfacing Customer Service email because of business requirments. A company like Adidas would never say: "Actully it is ok that all our customers are going to write on a single customer support email which a system one in C4C. We sure do not want any branded customer service emails or any routing rules..."

So there is no way for us to get direct emails in C4C.

Best regards,

Nadezhda Rukavishnikova

cust-2-email.png (24.1 kB)
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Nadezda Rukavishnikova

Hello Nadezhda,

Now I've got it:

  • You have a customer with 2 e-mail adresses and the e-mails will always have the primary e-mail adress as sender

Sorry, this is something inside the e-mail framework.

I suggest to raise an incident.

. Horst


Just did it ;)