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Oct 18, 2021 at 07:26 AM

CI/CD pipeline option for API management and fiori launchpad sites


Dear DevOps colleagues,

One of my customers read an article regarding building and exporting API manage content using content agent service BTP CF.

SAP Content Agent service: Enhanced Transport experience for SAP API Management content in the Cloud Foundry environment | SAP Blogs

The customer knows this is a good solution for exporting API content and migrate through subaccounts. However, they want to achieve CI/CD automation for API management and look for options. They want to know if they can apply customized CI/CD pipeline (they use Azure DevOps today) to automate the export and how? For instance, does content agent service itself provide published API calls like cTMS does, so they can integrate with their own CI/CI pipeline?

similar questions for building and exporting launchpad, this block shows using 'Transport Site' function Transport Fiori Launchpad sites on SAP BTP using SAP Cloud Transport Management service | SAP Blogs. any CI/CD option for launchpad sites.

Thank you and best regards,

Justin Zhao