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Oct 18 at 05:21 AM

Use of JobChainParameters in REL expression

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job-663344-stdprerunning.txtHello Experts,

I have been trying to use below REL function to get value of Parameter which is defined in step1 to step2.

I have chain in which there are two steps, Step1 Test_Script1(Parameter JobName direction In and Type String) and Step2 Test_Script2.

As per the help doc

=JobChainParameters.getOutValueString('Step 1, Job 1', 'Parameter') - returns the String Out value of the parameter named "Parameter" of the first job (Job 1) in step Step 1

I have write something on Step2 ...

=JobChainParameters.getOutValueString('Test_Script1, Job 1', 'JobName')

I am expecting I should get the value of Parameter JobName in Step2 parameter which has direction in and Type String

But this is not working and gives me error while evaluating the REL expression.

Can someone please help me to understand how it works.(Also I am get confused as where to use direction in or Our)