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Oct 18, 2021 at 08:42 PM

Pay Range bands for Remote Employees



We are working towards setting up pay range table in SuccessFactors. However, one of the issue that we are facing is remote employees. Currently, in Great Britain, the remote employees are tied to location which is just Country code and another field identifies them as remote employee. However, the pay range that Compensation has is specific to cities in Great Britain. For example: London is the baseline and any location 2 hours away from London falls under lower pay range. But only the home address can tell the exact location of the remote employee. But we can't use home address to determine the pay range in the table. We don't want to have to create multiple locations based on where a remote employee is located to tie the location to the Compensation's GeoZone. It's possible there could be just one employee working 2 hours away from London.

Has anyone faced such situation and provide any recommendation?

Thank you in advance.