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Oct 18 at 01:27 PM

How to add a line break to a VizFrames "dataLabel"


Hello, I am using the VizFrame with a custom renderer for the dataLabel.

How can I make the label into two lines?

I have the following code:

dataLabel: {
   visible: true,
   type: "value",
   showTotal: true,
   renderer: function (oEvent) {
               oEvent.text = "Some Text";


And this works, but how could I display this in two lines? I tired inserting line breaks into the string but that does not work:

oEvent.text = "Some \r\n Text"
oEvent.text = "Some \u000d\u000a Text"

I also tried to set the oEvent.text to a FormattedText field with HTML but that also does not work.

Is there any way to do this? Thanks