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Oct 20, 2021 at 09:01 AM

Fetch member description


Good morning all,

Just wondering if there is any way to avoid the Fetch Member Description query hit?

Using the BestRunJuice sample data i've been playing around - simply filtering a chart via a dropdown list.
When a value is selected from the dropdown as expected we see a Fetch member call in the performance monitor ...

However there does seem to be caching occurring as if a dropdown value is selected a 2nd time, not Fetch Member Desc call occurs.

Below we select - Online , then Retail then Wholesale -- then Select 'Online' again and -- no Fetch Member hit occurs.

As a 2nd test I created a Global variable that is populated with the dimension members onInitialisation, this also does not cause the Fetch Member call to be invoked.

I've tried using this Global variable in the dropdown code as per below:

var KEY = DDL.getSelectedKey();
for (var x=0;x<DIMVALS.length;x++)
{ if (KEY===DIMVALS[x].id)

We still see Fetch Members in the script log.

More oddly performing a console.log to display the members in the console does not invoke the Fetch Member call