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Oct 20, 2021 at 08:25 AM

[AbstractProcessContextStrategy] Failed to lookup BaseSite for BusinessProcess .


[AbstractProcessContextStrategy] Failed to lookup BaseSite for BusinessProcess [CiOrderCancellationProcess-C2224740-1634716682867]. Unable to setup site in session. WARN [TaskExecutor-master-177-ProcessTask [8802777727926]] [GenerateEmailAction] Could not resolve the content catalog version, cannot generate email content

This is the error which I'm getting, We have used mapmerge in our custom core extension,

<bean depends-on="processContextResolutionStrategyMap" parent="mapMergeDirective">

<property name="key">

<value type="java.lang.Class">de.hybris.platform.processengine.model.BusinessProcessModel</value> </property> <property name="value" ref="storeFrontProcessContextStrategy"/>


both site and catalog versions are coming as null, In warehouse extension there is already one more mapmerge defined which picks consolidatedPickSlipBusinessProcessContextStrategy for BusinessProcessModel.

what can be done to resolve this issue, it is causing lots of problem and mails are not getting generated.