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Oct 17 at 12:29 PM

ABSL Script not being triggered for all rows in data workbench c4c.

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Hi Experts,

I created a mass-enabled absl script under BusinessPartner.xbo -> Root.node -> Event-BeforeSave.absl expecting it to run when updating fields Accounts.

When uploading a csv file that contains multiple accounts, the update field is pushing through but the script is only being triggered for the first row so the conditions that is in the script applied for the first row and not for all the rows.

Thanks in advance!


Adding the beforesave code for reference:

	Add your SAP Business ByDesign scripting language implementation for:
		Business Object: BusinessPartner
		Node: Root
		Event: BeforeSave 
	  - To access the elements of the business object node, 
	    use path expressions, for example, this.<element name>. 
	  - To use code completion, press CTRL+J. 
	  - This script file is mass-enabled, i.e. the keyword "this" 
	    refers to a collection of node instances.
	  - The solution uses this script when:
		- the instance of the business object is being saved.
		- the instance of the business object is created from other sources like web services, preview screen, and so on.

import ABSL;

var BPInst;
BPInst = this;

var BPCommon;

if (BPInst.Common.Count() > 0)
	BPCommon = BPInst.Common.GetFirst();

var getZoomInfoIntent = BPCommon.ZoomGetIntent;