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Oct 13, 2021 at 04:14 PM

BOXI 4.3 Query Panel shows cached objects


When trying our BOXI 4.3 we noticed that the Query Panel shows out of data objects in the Result Objects section - they appear to be cached by the browser.

To explain what I mean:

We add an object to a new query and check the SQL - it's as expected. We run the report and then re-edit the query, removing some of the objects. The Query Panel and the SQL is as expected. We run the report then re-edit the query again - the Query Panel displays the objects we previously deleted. The SQL does not reference the deleted objects though - it looks like the Query Panel is loading up a cached version of itself. This happens with Edge Browser and Internet Explorer. Clearing the browser cache (or in the case of IE, changing the settings to 'Check for new versions of the page on every visit') solves the problem. But it's pretty inconvenient, and our users are unlikely to accept this.

Is there something I'm missing in our BOXI 4.3 server setup - can I set the shelf-life of the WEBI query panel contents display to force it to check for an updated version rather than reload the cached version?