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Oct 13 at 09:51 AM

SAPUI5 - SmartFilterBar & SmartTable - How Basic Search is working?



I'm developing SAPUI5 application (both front-end and back-end) and currently I'm facing ambigious functionality of basic search in smart filter bar.

For some fields, basic search is working fine. FuzinessThreshold is working as expected and table is being filtered properly. However when I enable it for different fields, then basic search doesn't work at all. No results are found, regardless of what is being typed in the search field.

How is it exactly working? Is basic search being executed after other records are filtered by regular filters?
Is there any place, where I could debug it and check?
Why such misteries happen?

Below 2 examples:

In the CDS view of oData I have added neccessary annotation. Both for the header and later for the property.

@Search: {
    searchable: true
@OData.publish: true
define view main ...
@EndUserText.label: 'Description'        
@Search: {defaultSearchElement: true}
@EndUserText.label: 'Description of the Shipping Type'
@Search: {defaultSearchElement: true}

When search for 'Description of the Shipping Type' is enabled, application works fine.

However, when field 'Description' is enabled, than basic search doesn't work at all. (note: filtering by this specific field is working fine)