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Oct 13 at 08:04 PM

Embedding Slipstream to external web app



please how can I make embedding some sap transaction rendered by Slipstream Engine (/sap/bc/se/m) in an external web page using iframe? I successfully embedded sap transaction rendered by webgui engine (/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui), but when I make the same for Slipstream Engine URL, the page will return alert: "Slipstream Engine has been deactivated. Please refer to SAP note 2640258". In the SAP note is written that my external web page has to be the same domain (or origin policy) as the URL of Slipstream Engine. This domain of my external web is different from the domain of Slipstream Engine. I do not want to put in front of them some reverse proxy, because I need the current effect that the external web is accessible from the public internet, but the iframe content (sap transaction rendered by Slipstream Engine) is accessible only from our private network.

So, can I allow run sap transaction rendered by Slipstream Engine in iframe on the external web with different domain (like webgui engine)?

Maybe using table HTTP_WHITELIST (Whitelist for Clickjacking Framing Protection)?

Thank you.