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Oct 13, 2021 at 08:43 AM

CIG-why document type ContractRequestServices is triggering in CIG ?


Hi Team,

Background : Created RFQ (material)-> from sorucing request we created RFP sourcing project-->at award stage we created new contract and completed all contract workspace task and published contract line document and sent to external system.

issue : in CIG wrong document Contract service document is triggering in transaction tracker ( even thoughcontract-cxml.png we have given only material) due to this in SAP SRT_MONI wrong interface "QuoteMessagePurchasingContract_Async_In_V1 is triggered with error " CX_FEH_CONSISTENCY_ERROR:An exception with the type CX_FEH_CONSISTENCY_ERROR was raised, but was not handled locally or declared"

Expectation :

According to Note :

For contract created from quote should have QuoteMessageContract and interface called will be QuoteMsgPurchasingContract_Async_In

In our case Interface is "QuoteMessagePurchasingContract_Async_In_V1" getting triggered for material which is wrong.

Could you please give your input on this issue please refer screenshots of CXML .contract-transaction-tracker.pngcontract-cross-reference.png