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Oct 13 at 02:55 AM

Merging Contacts in SAP Markeitng


Hello Experts,

I'm exploring the option of using report CUAN_CE_IC_TRIGGER_EIM to merge existing contacts and referring this doc. I've few queries around this report -

1. This report has following match policies -

  • Person, Address
  • Person, Phone
  • Person, Email
  • Person, Date, Gender

Our requirement is to match records with same email address, regardless of address, gender or phone info. When I ran the report, in one case two records are tagged as High Confidence match and they are having same name, similar address, different email, and same phone. Is it possible to select only Person, Email match policy or at-least consider for review only those records with same email address?

2. I've referred this match tuning guide, can we change the default setting for a match component and remove columns which we do not want to be considered during matching?

3. Is it only possible to merge high confidence matches through this report? I suppose low-confidence matches have to be merged manually?