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Oct 12 at 12:00 PM

How to report invoiced value of purchase order items

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Hello Community,

my customer was asking me to provide a report for purchase order items including the invoiced value.

The "Invoiced Value..." field is available in data source "Purchase Order Item Details with Follow on Document". This data source provides the invoiced value, regardless of the invoice approval state, and that's exactly how they would like it to have. So far I was happy, but my happiness ended with the first "Voided" supplier invoice.

With voided supplier invoices the data source starts a strange behavior: Say you have a voided invoice of 4000 €, the above data source prints out the 4000 € as invoiced value. But, nothing was booked, nothing was invoiced, nothing was paid. Of course having these numbers in the report the summation gets a mess.


In my picture I show you the basic construction of the datasource and what comes up in the report.

I asked SAP and got a "works as designed" answer .... SAPs recommendation is to prefilter out the void status from the datasource. For me only a worl around and not a real fix.

Therefore I would like to ask the community, if someone has a better idea, how to report the PO-Items including invoiced value.

Thanks in advance,