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May 10, 2006 at 06:03 AM

user exit or BADI for determining the output type inme21n orme22n


hi all,

i have used the user exit 'exit_sapmm06e_012', it is getting triggered in me22n, i am able to check whether the vendor email id is present or not, but this is happening all the time that is even when the user dont want to send a email to the vendor i.e. he just wants to print the purchase order, even at that time this user exit is getting triggered and giving a message that the vendor email id is not maintained.

the reson why this is happening is there is no import parameter to this user exit which gives the "medium of data transfer" the user has entered. if i get this parameter visible inside the user exit, then i can check this parameter inside the user exit and do the required operation. i checked up with all the user exits in "me" package and even the other related packages but none of them is getting triggered,

do antone know a user exit or badi which imports this parameter and also gets triggered at the time of creation of purchase order.

plz give me a solution.